Ever traveled across Europe only to be lost in the subway system? Did it ever seem complicated or a bit scary to navigate?

Together with the customer we were able to create a mobile app that solves this problem! In the app you can find more than 50 fully interfactive metro schemes, covers more than 50 cities, it is possible to get directions and see the trip time.

The idea came when the customer was unable to find a decent subway map on his next trip to Berlin.

In most existing applications, maps are almost non-interactive, without route building or seing how long would the trip take. And it is not always convenient to use map application to just quickly check an underground route.

We are happy that now europe is more friendly, accessible and easy-to travel.. Еspecially if you like a good old metro

We carefully planned, developed functionality, desngined and implemented — a native android application for tourists and locals, in which you could build subway routes and track travel times.