Lungpass is a smart stethoscope, backed by machine learning technology which allows to conduct lung examination at home. The callenge was to show care, technology and expertiese in the identity system

The main target audience of the product are families with children, chronic patients and medical workers


Brand Typography

Font selection meant meeting two criteria — it had to align visually with the brand tone — be both professional and friendly on the one hand, and on the other — be convenient to work with by the client’s developers and partners — that meant using fonts, open for public use



Brand Color

The palette selection was based on the same brand attributes — care, benefit, expertise.

Having analysed various color palettes for competitors, medical and tech companies, we settled with green and blue and after some consideration selected a rich green gradient as the main color, supplemented by a number of additional colors that can be used in color coding and as accent colors





Additional colors

A fair number of teams can come up with beautiful layouts. Where 

Alexander’s team stands out, is that they go far beyond design per se (awesome as it is) and deliver a product that serves business purposes brilliantly. 

As specialists in communication, they were instrumental in crystalising our company’s mission, values and USP, which were never articulated so clearly before. 

That 100% helped in company’s communications with both investors and clients. On a practical side, I’m also forever grateful for their genuine interest in the development of our projects.

Helena Binetskaya,
Healthy Networks CEO

Medical AI IoT Startup Brand Identity


Our client is an international IoT medical startup – development team that created a smart stethoscope. The unique technology allows you to check lungs and monitor chronic respiratory diseases remotely. The results are presented in the application, where both the patient and the doctor will be able to see the results and track the dynamics of the disease. We helped them develop their brand identity & align with their core values.

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